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We would definitely recommend CTS to others. We felt that every single session met or exceeded our expectations in all ways! We were not sure what to expect with pre-marriage counseling, but I would highly recommend this to every engaged couple – especially because Craig was so awesome! We enjoyed getting to know Craig, as it helped us relate better in session. It also helped us feel more relaxed!

Probably the best treatment program out there. I was lucky enough to experience the high level of treatment Craig has to offer. Like most people, I am hesitant to open up to strangers, but Craig made it easy and comfortable to let my guards down. I enjoyed my time there working with a good, caring therapist and would recommend his practice to anyone in need of true healing.

Counseling is a form of long term healing. I would have called BS prior to starting my journey. I was lucky to receive Craig as my counselor. I had walked in not knowing how this chapter would end, however, knew it was necessary otherwise my current life choices would’ve killed me.

I had no idea how to begin, I certainly knew it was going to be painful, frustrating, humiliating and emotional. I did know for this to work I had to lay it all on the table. I spent a lot of hours working through my ghosts, hours that defined the character and integrity of who Craig is. I spent many hours giving my entire emotional and mental experiences a transparent view for Craig to have an idea on what skills I needed to become healthy again.

I believe the reason the counseling has worked, is because Craig allowed me to purge, to say goodbye to old ghosts, and then begin my main focus on building up a healthy emotional and mental wellness pattern. I experienced empathy and compassion. Why I recommend Comprehensive Treatment with Craig, he is sincere, truly wishes the long-term happiness for his clients, and gives 100% attention to you the individual, and creates ways to assure you’re on the right track!

I have worked with several therapists through my sexual addictions.  I have never met someone like Craig who is so patient, caring and professional.  While working with Craig, I never felt judged or condemned because of the issues I was having.

If you could imagine the most horrifying stories you could tell a person, Craig did not flinch, only a caring attitude of how can we resolve this and get me past it.

Together we came up with a plan and worked towards the goal, what ever it may have been.  Because of Craig, today I feel my addictions are better under control and I feel like I have someone I can truly trust and not feel shunned or ashamed.

I highly recommend Craig for his knowledge and willingness to help.  His dedication to his clients is remarkable.  Thank you Craig for being there, caring, and helping when I felt like there was no hope.

Craig was exactly what we were looking for in our pre-marriage counseling. He was very friendly, personable, and professional. We left each session each week with a smile on our faces! Even after dating for 5+ years, we learned so much about ourselves and each other because of his counseling, and we are so appreciative. We would highly recommend him for any counseling needs, but especially for marriage or relationship counseling.